Happy 20th Birthday

  • 1997 was an eventful year, whilst Tony Blair was busy winning the general election, the new 50 pence piece was being launched and the world was introduced to the concept of cloned animals (Dolly the sheep was born). A new family was being created and an arrival of a different sort would soon be upon us……….

    On a plot of land tucked away in the heady climbs of Heswall, Wirral a group of builders were creating something that would turn out to be a big change in the career paths of Tina Muscatelli, Kathy and Ken Moore.

    After 9 months of hard labour and one very huge push, Marigold Day Nursery was born, 27th June 1997 weighing in at a whopping 40 children capacity.

    Like any new baby, the business required a lot of nurturing and initially only the downstairs rooms of the main building were used, The Annex and the Tweenie Room where still a twinkle in the Marigold family eye!

    Tina began to run the administrative side of the business whilst Kathy alongside Miss Sharon (many of you may know her as the lead at ST Peters, yes this is where she started!) where the Chief washer uppers, Nappy Changers and entertainers of the first ever Marigold children. It is believed that Kathy’s puppet shows are a tale to be told by many a child who has passed through the Nursery doors.

    Soon the baby grew into a Toddler and the nursery’s reputation began to develop. More help was needed and in 1998 along came a young lady by the name of Miss Vicki, now our longest serving staff member at Marigold. The Pre-school room opened up and the office moved to its current location. Miss Vicki began to work her way up the rankings and many staff, which you may be familiar with began to join the ever expanding Marigold family. This included Miss Tracy, Miss Hayley and Miss Gemma.

    Three Years after Marigolds initial birth a new phase was planned, it was time for a Sibling.  In May 2002 the Annex was born the toddler became a Tweenie and the nursery went to a 64 place setting. The family expansion continued with the arrival of Miss Helen, Miss Jo-Jo Miss Serena, Miss Kelly, Miss Nina and Miss Gill, many of whom you will still see haunting the corridors of Marigold.

    Time flies, as they say and the family of both children and staff continued to grow, Miss Anji joined to cover Maternity leave and never left and Miss Emma-Jane followed suit. With a flurry of weddings, (6 at this point) and several births, (current total 26!!) the nursery soon arrived at its 10th Birthday. Double figures had been reached and a celebration was planned. Kathy finally was not required to be Chief bottle washer but still remained an integral part of the daily routine.

    Some say she still has her uniform and purse belt, ready for action, should we call upon her puppet show skills!

    The Marigold Team, many of whom are still integral today was well and truly established. Over time more familiar faces reached the Marigold doors including John , Miss Jade, Miss Pippa and Miss Debbie with more current additions Miss Lucy, Miss Katie, Miss Chloe, Miss Anna, Miss Jo, Miss Yvonne, Miss Angela Miss Mollie and Miss Hollie. All of whom are current parents will be familiar with.

    A special mention for Miss Hannah who works with our Tweenie Room practitioners as many of you will not know, Hannah was one of Miss Vicki’s first Marigold Children. 18 years later she came back!!

    This fact takes us to the present and the nursery turning 20 years Old.


    In that time we have:


    • Served an estimated 200,000 home cooked lunches


    • Changed over half a million nappies


    • Looked after approximately 710 children


    • And currently have a staff combined age of 828years with the average being 37!


    We would like to take this opportunity to say Thank You to each and every one of you who have been part of the Marigold story so far. The future is looking bright and who knows we may even be here to welcome the first grandchild in through the nursery doors, so watch this space……

    Below are some pictures, dating back to Day one! Enjoy.



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