About Us

About Marigold
  • A Welcoming place for each child.

    Marigold takes great care to make sure every child feels welcome and secure.

    Our practitioners are sensitive to each child’s individual needs. We work closely with parents to ensure that new children settle quickly and enjoy their nursery day, allowing parents to be completely confident that their child is happy and well cared for.

  • A fun place to Learn.

    Our children love the varied and stimulating indoor and outdoor learning spaces at Marigold.

    So from harvesting vegetables from our own allotments for our home-made soup, to building an igloo from milk cartons, to creating Eric the Dragon from cardboard boxes for Chinese New Year, our children are learning and developing socially, emotionally, intellectually and culturally.

  • Highly qualified and dedicated staff.

    We believe that learning should be great fun, and it is our brilliant and creative practitioners who make this happen.

    With their extensive experience, creative flair and lots of enthusiasm they make sure that each child gets the most out of their time at Marigold.  All our staff are at least Level 3 qualified, which is well above Ofsted’s requirements.  At Marigold we believe the investment in fully qualified staff is an essential part of providing the best quality child care and education.

    • Our Own Allotments

      We have our own greenhouse and two allotments on site where we grow lots of our own fruit and vegetables.

    • Home Cooked Meals

      All the children’s meals are freshly prepared in the nursery kitchen using quality ingredients, including our own produce.

    • Fun Outdoor Spaces

      We have large outdoor spaces full of interesting and fun areas in which the children can play, explore and learn.

    • Homely Care

      We are a unique private nursery providing loving care in a homely and familiar setting.

    • Flexibility

      As in independent nursery (not part of a chain) we pride ourselves on being flexible and responsive to our families’ needs.

    • Ofsted (2014) said

      “children’s needs are extremely well met”
      “children are well prepared for the next stages in their life such as being prepared for school”

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